“We exist to know Christ and to make Him known”
1936 -2017

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Alpha - Sample Course Calendar

The previous Alpha Course ran for 10 weeks meeting each Friday evening as a Home Group. Each evening began with Supper from 7.00pm and included a talk and an opportunity to informally discuss and study the Bible. Each evening  concluded by about 9.30pm


Meeting Place

“Taster” Evening

Date: tba

Come and find out more”

Week 1

Date: tba

“Who is Jesus?”

Week 2

Date: tba

“Why did Jesus die?”

Week 3

Date: tba

“How can I have faith?”

Week 4

Date: tba

“Why and how do I pray?”

Week 5

Date: tba

“Why & how should I read the Bible?”

Week 6

Date: tba

“How does God guide us?”

Week 7

Date: tba

“Does God heal today?”

SATURDAY AWAY DAY with with topics ....

“Who is the Holy Spirit?” “What does the Holy Spirit do?” “How can I be filled with the Spirit?”

Week 8

Date: tba

“How can I resist evil??”

Week 9

Date: tba

“Why and how should I tell others?”

Week 10

Date: tba

“What about the church?”

Alpha Course.

If you would like to join the next Alpha Course, please contact Mrs Penny Chambers (Church Secretary) 0208 449 6297 or Helen Smyth (Course Administrator)