1936 -2019

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“We exist to know Christ and to make Him known”



Alpha - Sample Course Calendar

The previous Alpha Course ran for 10 weeks meeting each Friday evening as a Home Group. Each evening began with Supper from 7.00pm and included a talk and an opportunity to informally discuss and study the Bible. Each evening  concluded by about 9.30pm


Meeting Place

“Taster” Evening

Date: tba

Come and find out more”

Week 1

Date: tba

“Who is Jesus?”

Week 2

Date: tba

“Why did Jesus die?”

Week 3

Date: tba

“How can I have faith?”

Week 4

Date: tba

“Why and how do I pray?”

Week 5

Date: tba

“Why & how should I read the Bible?”

Week 6

Date: tba

“How does God guide us?”

Week 7

Date: tba

“Does God heal today?”

SATURDAY AWAY DAY with with topics ....

“Who is the Holy Spirit?” “What does the Holy Spirit do?” “How can I be filled with the Spirit?”

Week 8

Date: tba

“How can I resist evil??”

Week 9

Date: tba

“Why and how should I tell others?”

Week 10

Date: tba

“What about the church?”

If you would like to join the next Alpha Course, please contact Mrs Penny Chambers (Church Secretary) 0208 449 6297 or Helen Smyth (Course Administrator)